Moon Stone Brass Comet Earrings


Gemstone earrings on a brass base that follows the curve, from big beads to small. These hand wrapped earrings are available in amethyst and moonstone. Artisan handmade in Auroville.

Brass an alloy of copper and zinc, is cherished for its warm yellow colour and durability.  Often seen in pooja utensils and decorative items, brass has always been a familiar sight in Indian homes. Remember that brass lamp at home or grandma’s brass glass?

Did you know that brass is nickel free and has antimicrobial properties which makes it excellent for jewellery? And most of the brass we see today are recycled from old brass utensils!

Introducing “brass and stones”- a tribute to the Indian brass ethos before the arrival of steel and aluminium. Made with 100% brass and gemstones.

Care Instructions: Handle with care and treat delicately. Keep away from water, dry and wipe clean after use and store in a dry place.

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Manufacturer Dream Studio
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