Men Deodorant - 50 ml

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Maroma’s natural, vegan, fair trade certified, sweat-tested, aluminum-free natural roll-on deodorant for men is a refreshing blend of natural essential oils. Glide on the aroma of fresh Cedarwood morning and let the Sweet orange and Lavandin oil natural botanicals double as skin-soothing and deodorizing agents. The alcohol-free formula helps to inhibit bacteria as it keeps you dry, revived, and refreshed.

Quantity: 50 ml | One bottle

Content: Refreshing blend of natural essential oils of Himalayan Cedarwood, Sweet Orange, Lavandin oil, and zinc- a natural salt that acts as a highly effective odor absorber.

Shelf Life: Best before 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Benefits: This product is 100% aluminum and alcohol-free

How to use: Wash and thoroughly dry your armpits and roll on 2–3 swipes of deodorant under each armpit, covering the entire armpit area. 

Maroma believes that beauty is best shared through products that are simple, pure, and natural made with love for the environment and care for the people who manufacture them. 

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Manufacturer Maroma
Country of Origin India
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