The Call (Audio CD)


“The role of music consists in lifting the consciousness towards spiritual heights”, such is the message from the Mother to all musicians. ‘The Call’ is a spontaneous music of deep and intense aspiration. Using predominantly deep ringing tones of the very special instrument originating from Russia, Vera elevates our deep longing for Truth and Harmony and turns it into a Call for a higher response. This composition was born during a collective meditation in Auroville and is presented as it came, without editing. Offering a profound inner experience, it produces a state of silent concentration and helps to strengthen the inner aspiration.


The Russian Singing Bells is a set of metal plates tuned in a very special way to produce pure long resonating soul-touching tones rich in overtone play. This deep and meditative music reveals its full potential when listened to in a quiet and attentive state, when we are ready for a deep delving. It naturally brings a state of inner peace and serenity.

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Country of Origin India
Manufacturer Aurobelle
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