The Golden Rain Bells Symphony (8 GB music card)


The Golden Rain Bells Symphony in two parts is an offering for the 50th Anniversary of Auroville and the 140th Anniversary of The Mother, who founded this city on the sacred land of India. It is a two-hour meditative composition with the Russian Singing Bells, reflective of the journey of a spiritual seeker towards inner discovery. All the pieces were intuitively composed at the time of the recording in the natural environment of Auroville, with the sounds of the South Indian evening forest gently blending into the tapestry of the bell sounds. Inspirations for the track titles are taken from Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri.

This album is the result of Vera’s ten-year research into Sound-Music-Consciousness with a unique instrument from Russia in Auroville. By purchasing this music card, you support the development of this research and creation of an experimental Russian Singing Bells studio in Auroville. Let us work together to make the world more harmonious with the music of deep vibrations that nurtures our soul!

8 GB music card, 2 hours of music, 6 GB free for use, equivalent of two Audio CDs.




Bells have various shapes, sizes and materials in different traditions, but in all cultures, their sounds are revered as sacred. Rooted in the rich spiritual legacy of the Russian soul, the Russian Singing Bells with their unique tuning bring a completely new experience of the bell ringing, their deep natural vibrations resonating with long harmonious “singing” overtones. In the hands of a skilled musician they serve as an instrument for initiating profound inner experiences.


Size: 18 x 14 x 0.5 cm


The Golden Rain Bells Symphony

    Part 1

1. Quest for Light                               13:49

2. At the Gates of the Unknown        09:25

3. The Promise                                    07:12

4. A Call from Within                         12:10

5. Streams of Joy                                07:46

6. The Supreme Discovery                  14:37

Total time Part 1                     64:59

    Part 2

1. Wonders of the Inner World          11:43

2. "Tranquil Heights of Self"              06:03

3. Heaven's Transparent Air                04:17

4. The Golden Rain                             04:13

5. White Musings of the Soul             05:21

6. "All is Miracle Here..."                    06:09

7. "A Dream of Magnitudes"              05:01

8. Breath of Grace                              08:14

9. Flower of Serenity                          06:44

Total time Part 2                     57:45

Total duration                         122:44

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