Gentle Crystal Flow (Audio CD)


A journey through a fairyland with pure singing tones of the uniquely tuned plate bells. Softly the music enters our hearts, gently our souls begin to dance, and gracefully we journey from known to the unknown. Vera plays the bells in a deep experience of harmony and leaves us spellbound with a glimpse of inner realms. Subtle and uplifting, this spontaneous composition brings tranquility and relief from mundane problems. “The moment ‘Gentle Crystal Flow’ started playing, my house was filled with Light, thank you!” shares her feelings a friend from Netherlands.

A short poem by Vera written on the CD cover came together with the music. Duration: 52 min

The Russian Singing Bells is a set of metal plates tuned in a very special way to produce pure long resonating soul-touching tones. This deep and meditative music reveals its full potential when listened to in a quiet and attentive state, when we are ready for a deep delving. It is very helpful for coming into a state of inner peace and serenity. A gentle flow of crystal sounds Descending gracefully brings down The sweetness, laughter and delight That nourish heart and open mind  To things above, to higher spheres…

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Country of Origin India
Manufacturer Aurobelle
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