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This is a collection of short poems that come from inspirations in daily life in and around Auroville. Readers in Auroville and beyond resonate with poems in the book, feeling that they describe their life experiences, inner journeys, and insights.

There are three sections in the book:

-Poetic and Playful

-Poetic and Pensive

-Poetic and Precious

A glimpse of some poems:


          All reveals

          All heals

          All rejoins


          All rejoices


          Eyelids depart

          Only to meet again


         For the eyes that see


         We are never apart.



         Is a Womb

         Pregnant with

         A new creation

You can find a link below to access a sample of 33 poems that are included in the book. The book itself contains a collection of over 130 poems.

Link: https://poeticand.books.prisma.haus/en/33-poems

Author: Anandi Zhang

Publisher: Our Home, under Auroville Art Service

Number of Pages: 153

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Manufacturer Auroville Artists
Country of Origin India
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