Collection Globe Trotter- Phonics in French Intermediate Set 2


Globe-Trotter goes on traveling the world from sound to sound! Here he is, an acrobat by moonlight in a French manor; a camper and illustrator in Tanzania; a holidaymaker on a farmhouse in Provence in the south of France and finally the teammate of the coast-guard children in Tasmania. That sounds well!

  • Album # 6: Somewhere in France, Western Europe, Globe-Trotter overhears a grand-father telling a strange bedtime story to his grand-daughter...
  • Album # 7: Somewhere in Tanzania, East Africa, Globe-Trotter follows two bold children going on a jungle adventure...
  • Album # 8: Somewhere in the South of France, Western Europe, Globe-Trotter and a group of children traveling with donkeys spend one day in a farmhouse in Provence...
  • Album # 9: Somewhere in Tasmania, Oceania, Globe-Trotter partakes in the escape of an Ethiopian baby baboon, victim of traffickers...

“Cahier d’activités # 2” (Albums # 6 to 9) is a complementary Activity Book (exercises and games around the language) for advanced readers to do at home alone or with the help of an adult, or at school under the direction of a teacher.

Each book is a beautiful storybook that covers specific vowels in French and works on oral activity to improve on French pronunciation and spelling. Every book is accompanied by an audio CD that supports oral practice.


Set of 4 books + 1 activity book + 4 CDs

  • Des étoiles et des loirs
  • Jungle profonde
  • Des milliers de merveilles
  • Mission spéciale
  • Activity book # 2

Illustrator: Emanuele Scanziani

Design/Layout: Cécilia Weiss/Cécilia Weiss

Publisher/ Distributor: Goyal Publishers § Distributors Pvt. Ltd.Foreign language books

Publication year: 2015

Hardcover/Paperback: Paperback

No of Pages: 24 pages each

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