Collection Globe Trotter- Phonics in French Beginner Set



The 5 albums of the Globe-Trotter Collection /Beginner Level is aimed at very young children discovering reading and writing French as a first or second language, under the supervision of an adult at home or at school with a teacher.

Book set of 5 stories - Beginner Level

Globe-Trotter travels the world from sound to sound! Here he is driving a rickshaw in south India, there canoeing off the coast of the Land of Fire in Argentina; cycling in Russia, then hiking in Costa Rica and again on a skateboard in Burkina Faso. That sounds well!

  • Album # 1: Somewhere in India, South Asia, Globe-Trotter catches sight of a rather daring and unwise young boy that fights with a cobra.
  • Album # 2: Somewhere off the coast of the Land of Fire, South America, Globe-Trotter encounters a sad and lonely blue whale that finds peace and happiness in dreaming.
  • Album # 3: Somewhere in Russia, Eastern Europe, Globe-Trotter watches a shy country magpie meet two carefree city girls searching for a picnic spot.
  • Album # 4: Somewhere in Costa Rica, Central America, Globe-Trotter witnesses the daily nap time routine between two rivals, a cheeky parrot and the fat house cat. 
  • Album # 5: Somewhere in Burkina Faso, West Africa, Globe-Trotter will attempt to comfort a turtle with a great sorrow.

Each book is a beautiful story book that covers specific vowels in French and works on oral activity to improve on the French pronunciation and spelling. Every book is accompanied with an audio CD that supports oral practice.


  • Set of 5 books + 5 CDs
  • Gare à toi, Baba !
  • Un rêve vert et bleu
  • Jolie Lili
  • Oscar et Paco
  • Où es-tu, Doudou ?

Illustrator: Emanuele Scanziani

Design/Layout: Cécilia Weiss/Cécilia Weiss

Publisher/ Distributor: Goyal Publishers § Distributors Pvt. Ltd.Foreign language books

Publication year: 2015

Hardcover/Paperback: Paperback

No of Pages: 24 pages each

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