Over forty years ago, in the late seventies, several young Pioneers launched what was then known as Encens d’Auroville, a single line of incense packets with just twelve fragrances. Several years later Paul Pinthon, one of the co-founders, was joined by his partner Laura Reddy. They started building a company which offered a range of home fragrances and later on body care items. They changed the name to Maroma, keeping Encense d’Auroville as their flagship incense line. Their first aim in running this brand remains, until today, to bring much-needed finances to Auroville.

Their name Maroma is inspired by Ma – from mother, Aroma – the fragrance, Om – the universal sound and finally back to Ma – mother. These chosen words, within a single name, were meant to give a new impulse; the aspiration to make beautiful and fine quality products, that become emissaries of Auroville throughout the world.


Maroma is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization and the Fair Trade Forum India. They have always run their business with consciousness and integrity, to produce not only beautiful products, but to manufacture them in an environment that allows the creativity of those who are involved to flourish and grow.  


The company has a particular sensitivity to environmental issues and a dedication towards helping to preserve the natural resources of our planet. This is reflected in the following points:

  • Maroma’s products are packed in a paper that comes from recycled material.

  • Fragrances are constituted with natural essential oils. However, some synthetic based fragrances may be used in order to preserve natural or non-renewable resources.

  • All products are vegan and not tested on animals.

  • The electricity that is used comes from captive windmills and solar panels located on their factory roof.

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