Aromathologia Chakra Essential Oils

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Chakras are considered the centers of the vital life force. In fact, these centers can be compared with the autonomous or sympathetic nervous system in us. This nervous system controls the involuntary activity of the body and is normally not under the influence of our conscious mind. Aromathologia chakra essential oils are deeply connected to chakra healing to create harmony and balance between your mind, body, and soul.

Content: 5 Ml

How to use: 

Massage: Massage is the most common method of application and among the most pleasant of experiences. It effectively helps the skin to absorb the oils, facilitating their action. We recommend a dilution of 2.5% equal to about 12 drops of pure essential oil in 25 ml of vegetal base oil. But for the treatment of children, only 2-3 drops should be used.

Room Diffuser: Add 3-6 drops of pure essential oil or blend oil to water, then place the water in the container of the room diffusor. Light the candle for 10 minutes, allowing the aroma to spread into the atmosphere.


  • Muladhara - Root chakra
  • Svadhishthhana - Navel chakra
  • Manipur - Solar plexus chakra
  • Anahat - Heart chakra
  • Vishuddha - Throat chakra
  • Ajna - Third eye chakra
  • Sahasrar - Crown chakra

Kindly note: the essential oils are versatile and effective dilution is needed for the skin. 

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