Originally the name Veena was used in India for any kind of string instrument including different types of harps, zithers, and lutes. The SvaraVeena (for which the Kantele, a Finnish folk zither lent its shape and playing method) represents a whole class of ancient and folk string-instruments which had an important place in sacred ceremonies, healing rituals, recitations as well as in the celebrations and beautification of life. Many of these first string instruments in different cultures share the same, often symbolically elaborated configuration of a number of strings (from 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 to 21 and more), enhanced through diverse ways of resonators. Each string stands for a single note without the possibility of altering the pitch through frets. The SvaraVeena is the first step in possible reconstructions of these ancient instruments and harmony heralds. It offers a renewed utilization for music pedagogy, therapy and personal growth of lay persons and the mystic music lover.

Comes with: 

  • Tuning Pin
  • String Pair
  • Bag

Other Name: Kantele

Material: Wood


  • Length: 61 cm 
  • Breadth: 22 cm 
  • Height:  7 cm

Weight: 1.7 kilogram

More Information
Country of Origin India
Manufacturer Svaram
Ships in: Usually ships in 10 days
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