Svara Tarang 8 bar Res


The range of metal bar instruments is wide, from the simple “Glockenspiel” for pre-school children to the large vibraphones of symphonic orchestras. The clear, crystal-like sound attracts the ear of the child and adult alike. SVARAM is mainly focusing on the technical advantage of very precise pitch control and the application of all possible tunings. Different models are available from single tuned bars to sets of two chromatic octaves with resonators.

The single sounds of the Svara Tarang can be arranged in manifold ways (lines, rows, stars, circles...) or configured in pairs and trios. A great way to use them is in groups as a
compound ensemble. Single resonators are tuned in the 'Universal' pentatonic scale and can be played together in free improvisation or thematic compositions.

Constructed like a xylophone in size, design, and form, the metallophone offers a different sound quality or timbre because of the material, it’s made of. Both can be used for many parallel explorations, through the same progression of tuned pitches. In contrast to the punctuated sound of the wooden bars, the metal bars sustain the sound longer. The metallophone invites deeper listening, following the slow fading of the sound that leads to the experience of resonance and silence.

Variation Size Specifies Material


  • 8 bar 1" Pentatonic Alu-Allo

             - Length: 30 cm

             - Breadth: 20 cm

             - Height: 7cm

  • 8 bar 1 1/2" Pentatonic Metal 

              - Length: 45 cm

              - Breadth: 39 cm

              - Height: 9cm 

Material: Alu-Alloy

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Country of Origin India
Manufacturer Svaram
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