Svara Tarang (Set of 8)


A progressive development from the compound Metallophone. The single sounds are individualized and therefore can be arranged in manifold ways (lines, rows, stars, circles and other shapes) or configured in pairs and trios. A great way to use them is in groups as a compound ensemble, where they can be played in standing constellations or while moving. Single resonators are tuned in the same 'universal' pentatonic scale as the Xylophone and Metallophone and can be played in free improvisation or compositions in groups, creating one of the primal musical harmonies of our common human cultural heritage.

Single Resonator set with 8 Mallets

Material: Aluminium 

Sizes/ Scale: Length: 30 cm/C4, 29 cm/D4, 27 cm/E4, 26 cm/F4, 24 cm/G4, 23 cm/A4, 21 cm/B4, 19 cm/C5

Height: 8 cm

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Country of Origin India
Manufacturer Svaram
Ships in: Usually ships in 10 days
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