Chronicling Auroville


A selection of articles from Auroville Today 2006-2018

For the last 30 years, Auroville Today, a monthly periodical, has been documenting and commenting upon events in the international community of Auroville, South India, for people all over the world. Auroville is not an easy place to understand as it has so many dimensions. Founded in 1968 with an aspiration to create genuine human unity between peoples and cultures and to further global evolution, it is also an experimental proving ground for new initiatives in governance, economy, education, city planning, commerce, renewable energy and environmental restoration, among other things.

A living laboratory like Auroville can be a messy place - experiments do not always work out - but part of its fascination is the willingness of its residents, coming from more than 50 countries, to go on trying out new approaches in a world that badly needs such experimentation, as well as a new compass, to chart its future.

This compilation covers the past twelve and a half years of Auroville's development. It gives a taste of the challenges, frustrations and joys of trying to live the future in a community that, in its longevity and diversity, is unique in the world.

No of pages: 286 Pages

Book design: Bhakti Mills

Photo editing: John Mandeen 

Cover photographs: Paulette Hadnagy

Published by:  Auroville Today,
Surrender, Auroville
Tamil Nadu 605101 India.

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