What forms of payment are accepted ?

There is an option to choose currency which allows you to pay in US Dollar, Euros, British Pounds or Indian Rupees. Payments are accepted via most credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and debit card (Delta, Switch, Solo and Visa Electron). Once you check out; in the Payment method there are three options to pay.

FIRST: PayPal which includes PayPal accounts and all credit cards with Dollar, Euro and Pound currencies.

SECOND: is HDFC Bank which accepts (all major currencies) and all credit cards and debit cards of HDFC and by choosing ‘OTHER BANK’ in this option you can use all other Indian Banks credit cards and most debit cards.

THIRD: Is the option to pay through NEFT from your bank to HDFC or a bank direct deposit to the HDFC Bank whose details are sent to you if you choose this option of payment.

Do you accept international credit cards? 

Yes, we do.

Is it safe to enter my credit card details online?

When placing an order the information required to execute your order is captured in two steps: In the first step your order details, shipping and billing information is captured and stored on our server. Once this step is completed control is transferred to the payment gateway as per your choice (PayPal International or HDFC, our Indian Bank partner) which in turn will capture your credit card details. The communication with those servers is using a highly secure protocol (SSL with 128 bit encryption). The data thus captured is only known to the payment gateway and is NOT shared with us. We only receive confirmation that the debit to your debit or credit card was successful. Using SSL encryption also guarantees that no one else can tap into the communication and capture your data without authorization. The system we use is identical to that of most other online vendors worldwide.

Do you accept Paypal ?

Yes we do accept Paypal and all forms of Payments that Paypal can process. Paying with Paypal offers protection for the buyer and seller and is 100% secure. One caution for Indian Credit Cards in India you must use the HDFC Bank option which accepts all credit cards and debits of HDFC, and by choosing ‘OTHER BANK’ in this option you can use all other Indian Bank credit cards and most debit cards.

What steps does Auroville take to prevent card fraud?

Secure payment is one of the main concerns of Auroville.com. That is why certified companies, HDFC Bank and Paypal which guarantee a 100% secure transaction, have been called on to process payments.

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