Four-wheel Baby Bike and Trailer

Four-wheel Baby Bike (Trailer Optional)


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This handmade bike is safe, natural and sturdy. It will give your child great experiences with their first bike rides and strengthen those little muscles too! The bike is handmade out of Acacia auriculiformis wood by the Auroville unit Worktree and free of any toxic paint, the treatment with tung oil makes it safe for children.

Trailer: The bike can be bought individually or along with the amazing trailer addition. The hook on method is very easy to use, and also means that a trailer can be shared by several four-wheel baby bikes. As it is made of solid wood it can be used for important transport - stuffed toys and play tools being some of the favorite choices.

Made out of Wood: Acacia auriculiformis.

Four-wheel Baby Bike size: 

W (Seat): 16.5 cm / 6 1/2 inches; L (Seat): 46 cm / 18 inches; H (Seat): 25.4 cm / 10 inches

Trailer size:

W: 20.3 cm / 8 inches; L: 38 cm / 15 inches; H (Platform): 16.5 cm / 6 1/2 inches

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Worktree products are made in Acacia auriculiformis, a tree brought from Australia by Auroville's early settlers. It was planted excessively at the beginning of Auroville in order to establish basic ground coverage, as Auroville was previously a barren plateau. Being a nitrogen-fixer it also improved the soil fertility. This tree has helped restore a barren plateau to a fertile one, and has helped trees native to Southern India make a come-back. In Auroville it is known as the "Work Tree".

Worktree is ecologically responsible and sources Acacia, an excellent timber tree, from well-managed, renewable local forests in Auroville; At Worktree we are committed to using this timber, with the belief that it is a small, important contribution towards saving the rain-forests of our planet. we do not use imported wood. Because our goal is to achieve a perfect eco-footprint, Worktree employs local artisans and uses local materials for almost all of its products.

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