Cooperative Memory Game


The rules of this memory game have been modified to encourage teamwork and improve memory. Patterns from our Kaleidoscope games series are used. These patterns have no associations from the world of form to assist memory, which compels players towards concentration, focus, and of course fun! 

Aurogames creates didactic material to develop the 6 faculties of consciousness - thinking, seeing, hearing, speaking, energy body, and physical body- to give children the capacity to evolve a better world tomorrow.


There are 30 pairs of pattern cards. All players work cooperatively to match the pairs.

Choose the pairs you want to play with (first time playing use a maximum of 15 pairs). Mix up the pairs then arrange them pattern side up, in equal rows and columns. For a short time (about 15 seconds) everyone should focus and take a mental picture of the location of as many pairs as they can hold with their attention. Then turn the cards over. 

A person starts and tries to find a pair. If the cards match, the count is one. For each subsequent pairing, add 1 to the count. When cards do not match, the count restarts. At any time, players can ask for help. The object is to match all pairs with the highest count. Regardless of a match, the turn moves to the next person.

As players begin to get a higher count to add more cards until you can work with all 30 pairs.

Visual Instructions:

Kaleidoscope Game Series

These Kaleidoscope puzzles help to nurture an imaginative mind. They have artistically designed components that can be put together in endless ways in a kaleidoscope manner. Through our research (with people aged 3 – 80 +) we have developed the kaleidoscope concept into a wide range of games and activities. These games encourage people to focus, connect, and learn in an atmosphere of equality, respect, and harmony.

Playing with the Aurogame Kaleidoscope Series Develops - concentration, memory, attention, analytic skills, patience, perseverance, mathematical thinking, cooperation, imagination, plasticity, creativity, visual and spatial perception, acuity, orientation, and flexibility.

Dimensions: 6.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm

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