You can of course come and visit Auroville to experience the city of Dawn.

Auroville is located in Tamil Nadu in the South East of India, roughly a three hour car drive south of Chennai. The closest airport is Chennai International Airport, you can order a shared taxi through STS, that will drop you in Auroville.

If you are arriving from abroad please be aware that you need a Visa for your visit in India, contact your local Indian Embassy for the details. In case you are planning to stay for a longer period of time you might want to arrange a place for staying before your arrival. There are several guest houses for different budgets and needs. Please be aware that during the high season (December to March) Auroville can be quite filled with visitors and guests, therefore we recommend to book early.

How long is your stay?

If you only have a few hours on a Sunday we recommend going directly to Visitor Center. There you will find exhibitions and videos on the cities aims and activities. Connected to that is an information center with people who will be able to answer your questions and guide you. Furthermore you can stroll through the boutiques that offer unique products crafted in Auroville. Several eateries offer delicious multicuisine lunches, snacks and coffees.

If you have more than just a few hours take your time to get a token to visit the Matrimandir viewing point. Please be aware that one can only visit the Matrimandir Gardens and the Inner Chamber after a longer stay and on a fixed appointment.

In case you are staying more than a week you might want to visit the guest service on Solar Kitchen. They will be able to give you information on events, workshops, further details on the Integral Yoga if wished and so on. Also have a look at the weekly News & Notes, in this bulletin you will find the ongoing activities of the week.

There are many places to visit and one can easily get lost in the green belt. Generally we recommend from our experience: be open, curious and without high expectations. Talk to people, spend time just being, enjoy the jungle with its sounds and smells and you will have a beautiful time.

We have collected some of our favorites.


La Terrace: nothing beats a Sunday morning with a book, a big coffee and a Banana chocolate crepe on La Terrace. The open space, the atmosphere and the beautiful big tree at this café on top of Solar Kitchen making it one of my favorite places to spend time and simply be in Auroville. (Luise)

La Piscine: The Olympic pool of Auroville is open daily from 6 am to 7 pm and the refreshment of it is needed! I go there at least twice a week to do some laps and to cool down my body. It is a simple but very well maintained place with friendly staff and gorgeous palm trees. It is quiet and one can even hang out with a book on the deck beds getting some color. (Luise)

Under the Banyan Tree: This is nothing that can be described but just experienced. (Luise)

Matrimandir Garden: The Gardens are a beautiful place that we are very blessed to have. The entire garden has so many special and unique aspects that every time you go you will discover something new. The positive energy of the Matrimandir, the beauty around with the trees, the fountains, the water lotus below the Matrimandir and the different flower gardens make it my favorite place for meditation and rejuvenation. (Mimansha)

Open land behind International House: There is a quiet and vast land in Auroville just behind International Guest House near Solitude Farm. That’s where I like to sit in silence listening to the night and watch the open sky full of stars. It is an incredible quiet, calm and peaceful place. (Mimansha)


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