Sun Pendant Gold-in-Glass (2cm)


The small, elegant sun pendant is made of a 24 Karat gold-in-glass piece of 2cm diameter. 

Every single piece of jewelry is made by hand, thus creating its unique charms. Pure gold/silver leaves (24 karat) are fused in between glass forms in a vacuum process, with the same technique as used on the Matrimandir golden tiles. After the fusing, every piece is ground individually and heated again to create its final shape. Thanks to this unique process, we are able to offer gold jewelry for a moderate price.

Please Note: Since each piece is 100% handmade, they can vary a bit from the photograph. 

*This does not come with the chain. If would like to buy the chain separately, please click here


How to care for your Gold-in-Glass Jewelry:

Under normal circumstances our jewelry is quite solid and the gold is preserved in glass forever in perfect condition. Please avoid dropping them on a hard floor. Most of our fittings are made from hypoallergenic (nickel-free) alloys and are suitable for persons with a sensitivity to nickel. They usually have a real gold or silver plating, which is not permanent in this climate. To clean the fittings, use a brass or silver polish.

Our chains are composed of many tiny metal wires inside of a skin-friendly nylon coating. Never fold the wire chains! Roll wires gently in a circular fashion for storing or keep them in their natural shape  

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