Wear a Flower Ceramic Pendant


Wear a Flower

Decorate yourself with the most beautiful flowers.

This necklace provides you with the possibility to do that. An imported safety lock pin is mounted on 2 discrete and solid jewelry wires. This special pin protects your skin from the needle and it cannot open while you are wearing it. You can safely fix any kind of beautiful flower or natural materials on it.

When the flower gets tired you can turn the necklace around and continue wearing it.

You can also fix the flower, leaves, seeds or branches behind the decorative back of the pin and include it into your composition.

This pin carries a thin ceramic single piece on the back and its chain is 42 cm long.

Hang your necklace straight or roll it gently into a circular shape. Do not fold to store.


All our ceramic models have been made in collaboration with Mantra Pottery (Angad Vohra) in Auroville. Most of them (except black, white and red ones) are glazed with metallic luster, which is changing colors according to the light. These changing colors are not easy to show on a photograph and they look better on the original jewel. Metallic luster glazes always develop differently with each firing and they cannot be reproduced in the same way. Thus, most of our ceramic models are single pieces.

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