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Tucked deep into the Shevarois Hills of Tamil Nadu, the coffee region of Yercaud is still off the beaten path for many roasters. But we’ve searched far and wide to source from the best possible farmers to bring you exceptional taste. These beans have been certified by Utz for the owner’s sustainable agro-forestry methods, preserving the high-altitude natural forests. Indigenous species in and around the plantation give these beans rich aromatics to help develop their flavour. Inspired by his efforts and the flavours developed, we decided to formulate a roast that would highlight these qualities.

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Weight: 250gm/1kg.

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Shelf Life: 6 months from the date of manufacture.

Ingredients:  Arabica coffee,single estate that are free from dairy. wheat and gluten.

Origin information: From Shevaroys Hills, roasted and grinded in Auroville.

Single-estate Selection 9 Arabica coffee, derived from two Ethiopian Arabica species: Tafarikela and Hybrido-de-Timor. Medium Roast. Good Acidity. Aromas: Floral and fruity notes, specifically citrus and ripe berries.

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Coffee Ideas


Marc’s Coffee is committed to providing our customers with the ultimate coffee moment. Marc’s Coffee is a coffee roasting and consulting unit that, from bean to cup, promotes and creates sustainable products. Each cup of coffee is consciously farmed, traded fairly and created with artisanal craftsmanship. 

To do this, we regularly return to visit our production sources to ensure we are maintaining successful cross cultural relationships and sourcing from producers who adhere to international sustainable methods and standards. We are proud to say we have an individual relationship with every farm we source from in India’s coffee growing regions in Coorg, Shevaroys and Andhra Pradesh. 

Bringing consumers and producers closer together is also part of our vision. We offer educational and travel opportunities for those who long to know more about where our coffee comes from and the people who make it. 

Finally, we want our vision to grow. In light of this, we offer creative consultancy for individuals, organizations or governments who wish to franchise or develop new policy using our models.

All the coffees are certified by UTZ, ensuring to the customers our commitment towards sustainable lifestyle.

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