Turquoise Glass with Gold Set
Turquoise Glass with Gold Set Turquoise Glass with Gold Set Turquoise Glass with Gold Set

Turquoise Glass with Gold Set


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Turquoise Glass with Gold necklace with big hanging earrings.

Turquoise, bright blue and white glass elements are combined with tiny gold-in-glass pieces and fused together. Then they are glued onto turquoise coloured jewellery wires and they form a beautiful necklace. It is 45 cm long and fits nicely around an average size neck. It is completed with a pair of stud earrings. It is a single piece created and finished entirely by the artist Birgitta Volz.

Matrigold coloured Glass on Gold Jewellery are made with the same technique developed for the golden tiles on the Matrimandir.

Pure gold leafs (24 karat), silver leaves or white gold leafs are placed between 2 layers of glass and fused while under vacuum. Once cooled, the fused tiles are cut by the artist, recombined and heated again to create the final shaping. Due to this unique process, we are able to offer jewellery containing pure gold for a very reasonable price. To get the colours, we fuse coloured glass instead of clear glass on top of the gold or silver tiles. All jewels in this line are single pieces which cannot be reproduced.

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All our ceramic models have been made in collaboration with Mantra Pottery (Angad Vohra) in Auroville. Most of them (except black, white and red ones) are glazed with metal luster, which has changing colors according to the light. These changing colors are not easy to show on a photograph and they look better on the original jewel. Metal luster glazes always develop differently with each firing and they cannot be reproduced in the same way. Thus most of our ceramic models are single pieces.


How to care for your Gold-in-Glass Jewellery:


Under normal circumstances our jewellery is quite solid and the gold is preserved in glass forever in perfect condition. Please avoid to drop or bang them on a hard ground. Most of our fittings are made from hypoallergenic (nickel-free) alloys and are suitable for persons with sensitivity to nickel. They usually have a real gold or silver plating, which is not permanent in this climate. To clean the fittings, use a brass or silver polish. Our chains are composed of many tiny metal wires inside of a skin-friendly nylon coating.


Never fold the wire chains! Roll wires gently in a circular fashion for storing or keep them in their natural shape.


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International artist, Birgitta Volz, is the founder and the sole designer at Matrigold. Since coming to Auroville a decade ago, Birgitta has created a large and varied collection of Gold-in-Glass, ceramic jewelry as well as seed and fantasy jewelry.

Gold has been used since ancient times as an aid to spiritual growth and for adornment. Temples, sacred items and ornaments were made with gold, attracting cosmic energy and lifting the place and the wearer into a higher vibration.
We can increase the high vibration of the Gold-in-Glass pieces, when we apply symbols to them.

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