Probiotics Ceramic Rings (11 mm)


Probiotics are live micro organisms which, when applied in adequate amounts deliver a health benefit to the host. The Probiotics Ceramic Ring emits Far Infrared Rays that improves the water quality by Restructuring, Revitalizing, Energizing, Controlling Oxidation, Reducing the Clusters and Water Surface Tension.

Restructure large quantities of water up to 30 litres easily with 100 gms of Probiotics Ceramic Rings designed especially for it. This can be used in multiple ways (check below for details) with unlimited shelf life and the regular consumption of the structured water is one of the most important keys to improve health associated with:

  • Rapid Hydratation                         
  • Heightened Immune function
  • Better nutrient absorption      
  • Efficient removal of toxins

You can also restructure large quantities of water easily with Probiotics Ceramic 4 Partitioned Ring designed especially for it.

Weight: 100 grams

Size: 11 x 11 mm

Shelf Life: Unlimited


Drinking water: Place the cleaned 100 gms ceramic rings in a container with up to 2 litres of water and let the water restructure for 30 minutes before use. For container up to 25 - 30 litre, let the water be restructured overnight before use.

Household Odour Control: Place 50 gms of Probiotics Ceramic Rings simply thread into a string in relevant items like cupboards, wardrobes, furnishing, shoe rack etc.

Washing Machine: Place 50 gms of Probiotics Ceramic Rings in a cloth bag directly into the washing machine before every wash to improve the water cleaning power.

Fridge: Place 50 gms of Probiotics Ceramic Rings simply thread into a string in the refrigerator to keep food fresh for longer and reduce the building up of unpleasant odours.

Toilet Cistern: Place 50 gms of Probiotics Ceramic Rings simply thread into a string in the toilet cistern to reduce water clusters and limescale deposits.

Flower Arrangement: Place 15 pieces of Probiotics Ceramic Rings in a vase for every litre of water to reduce clusters, provide a better supply of important nutrients and keep them fresh longer.

Plants & Garden - Watering Can (10 L): Place 100 gms of Probiotics Ceramic Rings in a mesh bag into the watering can for minimum 3 hours, enabling nutrients and minerals to get into the plants more effectively by restructuring, revitalizing and reducing water clusters.

For Pets: Restructured water is good for pets too!

Care Instruction: Only for the first time before using it, boil the Probiotics Ceramic Rings to clean from production for 20 minutes. Accordingly, to your discretion and quantity of water consumption, refresh the Rings with regular water by rubbing them together in your hands. Expose to the Sun for a few hours when possible. Let the Probiotics Ceramic Rings remain immersed in the water container. Remove time to time to clean up only. For more information, log onto

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Country of Origin India
Manufacturer MG Ecoduties
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