Essential Blended Oil

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The synergetic combination of Essential Blended Oils aims to nourish and uplift the subtle level of mind, body, and spirit. The twelve blended oils have all been blended with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and wheat germ oil. They can be used in the preparation of specific massage oils, be poured into the bathtub or room diffuser or be used in any other way suggested for aromatherapy.

Content: 10 ml 

Available blends:

Quietude (Relaxation) | Geranium bas (Pelargonium graveolens)

    • Creates a warm, soothing atmosphere, removes nervous tension and induces quiet.

Christmas eve (Joyous heart) | Cinnamonbase (Cinnamon zeylinacum)

    • Stimulates sweet warmth, evokes comforting, intimate and uplifting emotion.

Romance (Sensuality) | Damascus rose base (Rosa damascena)

    • Evokes a warm atmosphere, dissolves inhibitions, enhances emotional sensitivity.

Meditation ( Spiritual Atmosphere) | Angelica base (Angelica archangel ca )

    • Creates an atmosphere of unity and deep inwardness, strengthens and balances spirit, mind, and body, induces spiritual aspiration.

Vitality (Wellbeing) | Grapefruit base (Citrus parad/si)

    • Tonic for mind, body, and spirit, stimulates positive emotions.

Strength ( Energy) | Bergmot bas (Citrus Bergamia)

    • Enhances vital energy, promotes emotional balance.

Indian Summer (Sensuous delight ) | Jasmine base (Jasminum grandiflorum)

    • Stimulates sensuous perceptivity, enhances strengthening, calming, balancing qualities.

Joy ( Loving Heart) | Orange base ( Citrus aurantium)

    • Opens the heart to tender emotions, removes uneasiness, uplifts mind and spirit.

Himalayan Forest (Harmony) | Cedarbase (Cedrus Atlantica)

    • Sustains and harmonizes mind and spirit, promotes focus into one's inner self.

Repose ( Restful Sleep ) | Chamomile base (Matricaria Chamomila)       

    • Promotes calm and well -being. Prepares one for serene rest.

Concentration ( Mental clarity) | Basil base (Ocitnum basil/cum )

    • Strengthens powers of attentiveness, regenerates mental energy, promotes clarity.

Please Note: Essential oils can irritate if used undiluted.

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Country of Origin India
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