Bandana with bamboo inner layer

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These N95 bandanas are scarves made of stretchable synthetic fabric with an integrated N95/FFP2 filter. The inner bamboo layer on the filter makes it very soft to wear on the face.

It can be worn in different ways on the head for more style as a cap, a balaclava, a hair tie to give it a personalized style.

  •  Uni-size for adults: 30 x 23 com
  •  N95/FFP2 filter system tested and approved by the Indian National Laboratory of Ministry of Labor.
  •  Filtration of polluted air particles, dust and bacteria
  •  95% of air borne particles are caught and stopped by the filter
  •  Extra soft inside:  The inner bamboo layer on the filter makes it very soft to wear on the face
  •  The bandana is made of synthetic fabric which dries fast
  •  Can also protect from the sun


 Material Components:

  • Filter: Bamboo & Woven microfiber inner layer
  • Filter: Contains an Active Carbon Layer (ACF) which protects from breathing ultrafine particles from pollution or dust
  • Nanofiber PP filtering textile
  • Bandana scarf: Synthetic fabric
  • Aluminum nose wire

Filter capacity: N95

Protection against: 

  • Smog caused due to smoke, moisture
  • Dust and pollution
  • Bacteria like common viruses
  • Air allergens, pollen, mold 
  • Asthma
Life expectancy: Approximately 60 gentle hand washes before renewal

Care Instructions: The mask requires gentle care. Do not rub the filter. However, you can rub the cloth part of the bandana if you wish. Clean it by soaking it for approximately 1 hour in soapy water (mild temperature). Let it dry it in the sun if possible with the filter facing the sun. Do not iron.


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