Vetivert Bath Scrub


A rough, earthy scented loofah that scrubs away dead skin and dirt effectively and coarsely to leave skin smoother.

Suitable for all skin types


• 100% Natural
• Cooling and refreshing
• Exfoliates intensively
• Relieves body acne and prickly heat rashes
• Stimulates skin microcirculation
• Increases lather of body cleanser

How to use: 

Load the Loofah - Dampen your loofah with warm water and apply some body wash to the surface of the loofah.

Scrub Your Skin - You should now basically have a giant ball of lathery body wash which you can use to soap up your entire body. When you’re done, rinse off yourself as well as the loofah. Leave it out to dry somewhere where it won’t harbor moisture.

Swap Out Often - Your loofah is an amazing tool but, just like your toothbrush and razor, you need to swap it out on occasion to deter bacteria buildup and get the best grooming results. We always recommend changing up your loofah every month.

More Information
Manufacturer Natura
Country of Origin India
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