What to do with coconut?

If you had to choose to live off only one ingredient coconut would be a good choice (it even tastes good). This exotic fruit is packed with natural fats and nutrition that deeply nourishes from the inside out as well as from the outside. I never liked the smell of coconut beauty products until I discovered the completely raw coconut oil and of course the all natural coconut collection by Maroma. 
But can we really put coconut oil into our hair and also spread it on our toast in the morning? I have to admit thinking about it makes it sound a little off. But after this I became a coconut convert.  

What to do with coconut oil?

Swap your butter for it. One of the great things about coconut oil is that it changes consistency depending on the temperature. From completely liquid to creamy, or even a hard butter-like state if stored in the fridge, coconut is a great and healthy alternative to butter.

Blend it into your coffee. Brew your cup of coffee as usual and while it is still hot add a spoon of coconut oil. This will give it a special and delicious twist and an extra healthy kick of energy.

Mix it into your green smoothie. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil into your smoothie recipe. The sweetness makes it perfect to get rid of slightly bitter tastes from ingredients like spinach and alfalfa.

What to do with coconut

What makes coconut so amazing by the way?

Supports immune system.
Deeply hydrates skin and hair.
Boosts energy.
Promotes digestive health.
Increases nutrition absorption.
Maintains a healthy heart.