Well Cafe

The Well café located in Svedam community is a lovely hideout away from the busy crowd of Auroville. Hidden between tall trees, a butterfly garden and alternative housing it is a quiet place to spend time with friends, a good book and great food. The café welcomes you to simply spend time, just live in the moment and of course eat a lot.

well cafe kitchen

Well café is connected to the women empowerment project Well Paper, who sell their handcrafted up-cycled products next to the café. Their vision is to empower women whose lives were affected by the Tsunami in 2002, to train them in papermache skills so that they can be self sustainable and independent. The café is part of this mission.

Well cafe foo

The style of the eatery is a colorful collection of up-cycled material giving the place a unique charm and an alternative atmosphere. The staff is very kind and the food is delicious. Well café is famous for their Mediterranean cuisine with lots of falafel, hummus, salads and more. Everything is prepared freshly by local women who run the show in the kitchen. If you have some time have a chat with them, they will share their story with you.

Well Cafe Auroville

What to order? 
I like the Falafel Platter or the Mediterranean salad in big, with a fresh mint cooler. For dessert their little truffels are to die for combined with a black coffee you will find yourself close to food heaven. The cheesecake is also great, but ask if is non-frozen before ordering.

Well cafe food

By the way, in case you are gluten free and vegan this will be your place in Auroville for a good lunch!