Health Supplement: Triphala

Find out why you should start eating triphala!

Triphala is a mixture of three fruits native to India (yay!), each one contributing to the health of the beneficiary taking triphala in its own way.

The first fruit, Amalaki, is a rejuvenator and is packed with vitamin C. Taking vitamin C in the form of an herbal supplement can be a much more effective method for delivering the vitamin to the body than taking vitamin tablets, which can be very helpful when you’re fighting a cold!


Haritaki has anti-inflammatory and laxative properties but is sometimes used to fight diarrhea, whereas Bibhitaki is good for removing accumulations of mucus in the digestive tract and is a detox agent.

Delivered by triphala, the combined forces of these three fruits can greatly aid your digestive system and with detoxing your whole body. Some claim its effectiveness went as far as to help balance their cholesterol levels and lose weight!

In addition to triphala’s internal-cleansing powers, it helps rejuvenate and nourish tissue and it’s an antioxidant!

However, as triphala helps your body clean up your systems, one may experiences side effects such as headaches, a rash or even diarrhea. If someone taking triphala has these or any other symptoms and they persist, that individual only has to stop taking triphala to return to normal fairly quickly.

By the way, please make sure that you eat triphala that doesn’t have any pesticides in it; eat organic! I have been eating organic triphala from Aurospirul, who are based in Auroville and only produce organic supergreens and herbals with eco friendly practices. 

If you would like to know how to prepare and consume triphala best, click here for a quick and easy recipe. You can also leave a comment below; let us know what you think. Have you tried triphala before? Do you prefer using other health supplements?