Summer is calling - how to protect your skin

Summer in South India already arrived and the Sunday mornings are again dedicated to spending time at the beach. There is nothing better than to start the day with a fresh dip in the ocean (lucky for us Auroville is close to the sea) or a bright pool. The big worry though is finding a skin protection that actually works and won't let you end up looking like you're covered in white clay -or like a big red lobster.

How is your relationship with the sun? Can you hang out all day without any protection or do you hide as soon as the sun comes out of hiding? I am a total beach girl lying around in the sun, reading books and listening to the waves. My craving for Vitamin D is huge, but it has its downsides and it is time to become more conscious. The sun can deal out some serious damage to our skin. How does one find a balance? I realized that I need to take care of my largest organ (the skin), so the first step is to find a suited sunscreen.

There the task begins: Which SPF? What does that mean? What else to use? Hats? Towels? And can the sun actually be good for us?

So I did some research and here are some hopefully helpful answers…

The word SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor which refers to the amount a person can stay in the sun without getting burned. For example SPF 25 would allow you to stay in the sun 45 times longer than you could without protection. For the face one needs a stronger protection because the skin of the face is more delicate and of course more exposed during the day. 

It is actually important that we humans stay in the sun 20 minutes a day, without sun block, so that our body can produce the important Vitamin D that helps to protect the immune system, being in a balanced mood and even helps fighting cancer. So 20 minutes is great, afterwards the slogan is: cover up! After your necessary intake of sunlight make sure you wear a hat, a pareo or beach towel and of course sunscreens, to avoid the chance of skin cancer down the line. 

So plan ahead, pack your bags and enjoy the time at the beach and pool in a conscious way!

By the way skincare after the sun take is equally important! One of my favorites is Maroma Face Gel – it is super refreshing, cooling and 100% natural!