Turning Points
This book is our all time favorite when it comes to stories from Auroville. Twenty nine Aurovilians tell their journey of how they discovered, explored and lived their life in the City of Dawn - over 40 years later they remember. A must read for everyone who is interested in Auroville. 

Glimpses into 50 years of Auroville
This heavy book is filled with gorgeous pictures taken by various photographers at different times. 420 pictures tell the story of the life in the City of Dawn - an adventure taking place since over 50 years. A beautiful collection for people who carry Auroville in their heart and want to remember from time to time. 

Auroville – A smart city
This book explores the different experiments taking place in Auroville. The aim is not to show the success but simply the stage Auroville is at connected to its ideals and visions. Well researched articles allow a glimpse into a few of the many projects of Auroville. A nice read for people who want to go a little deeper into the everyday life of Auroville.  

Auroville – a dream takes shape
This brochure book gives a brought overview of the different aspects of Auroville - how they were envisioned and where we are today. This booklet is the perfect first read for everyone who wants to know more about Auroville.

Chronicling Auroville – Auroville Today from 2006 to 2018
This selection of articles from the Auroville Today from 2006 to 2018 gives a taste of the challenges, frustrations and joys of trying to live in a diverse community that is unique in the world. A lovely contemplation of articles about the City of Dawn to browse through. Perfect for everyone who wants to explore the history and development of Auroville in the past years. 

Auroville Dream And Reality
This great book gives some glimpses into the answers of the big questions - what is life really like in the community? What do Auroville's residents believe in? This anthology was collected and edited by the long term Aurovilian Akash Kapur with the aim to shed some light not only into Auroville's ideals but also in its lived reality.
A must read for everyone who wants to at least try to understand the experimental township with all its aspects. One of our favorites.

An Introduction to the Integral Yoga
This small booklet is the perfect introduction for everybody interested in the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. It covers the different aspects with quotes and explanations for easier understanding. Ashesh Joshi, the author of this booklet, gives regular open classes about Integral Yoga in Auroville.

Tell me my friend – what is this Auroville?
This book is pure beauty. The gorgeous drawings and the simple but deep texts are not only for children but also adults. This book is not for reading but for inspiration whenever needed. A book for everyone who is open to be inspired and reflective. 

In case you would like to know more or have a specific topic in mind please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to find the right read for you :)