Mindfulness Notebook For You

There is a difference in knowing the path and actually walking it. This is a lovely saying especially in connection with mindfulness, taking a break and living in the moment.
To start every day with a mindful pause maybe five minutes, maybe two – at least to begin somewhere. You can take a long breath, write down what is happening inside you or simply try to free your mind.
We have received so much lovely feedback for our little series that we want to end it with something practical – something you can take along – to become more conscious and aware.

We hope you enjoy it.

Find a small blank notebook or booklet at home. Something that fits in your pocket and can be carried everywhere. We have prepared some questions and inspirations that you can fill the pages with.

Moments that I want to celebrate – two pages
Small things that I want to enjoy more – two pages
This gives me a great start into the week – two pages
small things that I could do differently than usual for one day – two pages
if I would have time for an hour today I would…

Little bits of joy to tick off

  •   Reading a story to someone
  •   To find a forgotten piece of clothing in your closet
  •   Poetry
  •   A kind letter from someone or to someone
  •   A clean work desk

Small moments of joy that I experienced today – four pages

Diary of the here and now
On the following pages note down moments where you were fully present. You can only use a few words. This is how you learn to be mindful and present. If you experience a similar moment later on you will recognize it immediately being more conscious and aware. Six pages.

Draw your inner critique
If you are more aware you will also recognize your inner critiques better.
Try to draw them, you can even give them names like pessimist, always annoying old lady, Drama Queen, Fast and Furious, seeing black or whatever you find fitting. Four pages.

Natural calm
Find eight things that help you to empty your mind in nature.
We have two suggestions: listening to the birds and taking a walk in the park.
Two pages.

Write down beautiful experiences you had in nature. Two pages.

A done list!
For everything you managed to do this week. Because we often forget all what we achieved.
Four pages.

Grateful diary.
Write down 5 things at the end of the day that you are grateful for.
Four pages.