Meet The Designer: Kiran Kamal

Where are you from originally? Do you think it has shaped who you are today?

Born and brought up in Kerala, India I have always been influenced by the culture, ideologies, landscapes, nature, art forms and the crafts of Kerala. India and its multitude of cultures has and is a constant source of inspiration for design and life.

When did you first get involved in fashion design?
I was always fascinated by the idea of fashion design- the ability to tell stories, bring forth art and design, express oneself through the most commonly used article by everyone on a day to day basis- garments. So as soon as schooling was over I enrolled myself at National Institute of Fashion Technology and graduated in June of 2010.

How did your brand get started?
After working for other brands and companies, learning and furthering my skills, I felt a need to express myself, instead of trying to fit in already existing structures. So, two years back, I started Dream studio. At dream studio we create handmade jewelry, accessories and now, clothing. The clothing line brand is named–“Kiran kamal”.

Kiran Kamal Collection

You already are running the jewelry brand Dreamstudio. What made you start your own clothing now?
My specialty is apparel design and clothing has always been in my mind ever since Dream studio was formed. Before beginning “Kiran Kamal” I decided to start off with jewelry and accessories that would complement the clothing line that was to come later. 

Do these two lines of yours complete each other?
Yes, they do. Complementary jewelry and accessories for your clothing.

Where do you personally find inspiration?
Inspiration is found everywhere, if you look closer there is always things that awe you, makes you wonder. Nature is fascinating and captivating to study, it never fails to inspire. This collection – Road to nowhere - is an ode to the forests, landscapes and the nature of Auroville that is ever changing, uplifting and heartening.

You just launched your first collection with us. Can you give us a peek into how it came to be?
Being the first collection of garments, I wanted it to be special. A form of appreciation to Auroville that has enabled me and given me this opportunity to express myself. Hence the collection was named after the Talking Heads song – ‘Road to nowhere’ that talks to me of Auroville.

“We're on a road to nowhere, Come on inside; Taking that ride to nowhere, we’ll take that ride
I'm feeling okay this morning and you know, we’re on the road to paradise, Here we go, here we go…”

What is your favorite piece of the collection?
It is difficult to pick a favorite, but I think I like the pleated wide legged pants and the khadi top with the back detail. Maybe because it was the first outfit designed for the collection.

Kiran's favorite outfit

Your favorite time of day is?
It’s the late afternoon, early evening when the light is beautiful, everything is golden!

What is playing on your music player right now?
Its rock and roll... 

As owner and operator of your company do you find it challenging to be half business – half creative?
Yes at times its taxing and I would like to just go ahead with the designs without looking at the business side. But then again there is a need to sustain the activity so it’s always a play on compromise and with the help of my friends and family it is going forward smoothly.

What is next for Kiran Kamal?
We would like to go onward with more collections, make outfits that are easy going, effortlessly elegant and affordable.

Living in Auroville means….
It’s a challenge and an adventure. The responsibility of being true to yourself and give your best to everything you do without reservations and fears.

The photoshoot was done in Auroville.