Making Time And Space For Finding Calmness

Most of us have more time than ever, being safe at home. This can be a time to breathe and reflect on how we usually handle time and making space for ourselves in between the running in autopilot-modus. 
This exercise is something to become part of your daily routine, so start practicing right now as there will be no time pressure at the moment :) 

Stay safe. Be well. Flood your Being with Light and Truth.

Handling Time - 5 Tips

Allowing oneself good moments
Are you facing a stressful time? Make sure you continue doing things which give you energy and inspiration. We tend to give up the activities that are good for us first. Playing an instrument, drawing, meeting friends or taking dance lessons, all of this we push to ‘later’. This way we enter a negative spiral, losing our energy. We are pushing life to later on. We are not aware that today is the future, which we promised ourselves last month. So allow yourself some good moments today.

Taking a break
You are deep in your work but you feel like you need a break? At that moment we often think ‘oh, first we quickly finish this’. Ask yourself if it is worth it to push the break further. Wouldn’t it be better to take a break right now? A small break for taking a breath doesn’t mean that you are not doing anything. You are just breaking your auto pilot function, being more aware of time and yourself.

One week without
Chronic time lack? Wouldn’t it be interesting to try one week without TV and social media? This way you will gain more time than you think. It is worth a try for sure.

Enjoying the waiting
The train is late again? Most of the time we are annoyed when we must wait somewhere. One can also look at these things differently: these small moments are perfect for a meditation. Walk a few steps without a concrete destination up and down on the train platform and focus all your attention on your feet. Or dream yourself somewhere else – for example to your relaxing most favourite place – this is a good way to use your ‘useless’ time.

Time to rest
In Japan you are not allowed to disturb someone who put their feet on their desk. This person is busy with something else: thinking about something. To be more relaxed it is important that you reserve less time for work. If you decide to really focus for three hours you will manage to do the same amount of work from a whole eight-hour day. If you work for eight hours you will end up often staring at your screen or answering to unimportant mails. Why don’t you try how you feel with a time limit.