Escape within Auroville

Auroville can be crowded with people and visitors, finding a quiet spot for a coffee with a book can be quite challenging. Of course all visitors go to the Visitor Center first but if you have some time on your hand and an Auro Card you can experience some hidden gems.

For an alternative coffee experience visit Aurovelo. The cycle shop with an attached café has incredible two wheelers to look at, good coffee (the iced espresso is our favorite), wifi and a casual atmosphere. If you are super tough – like touch tough, man of steel like tough – you can also join their rides on Thursdays from 2:30 to 6pm where they usually ride around 70k. The café is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm.


Very close to the Visitor Center is the Solitude Farm eatery. You can walk through the farm, which is mainly maintained with the help of Volunteers or sit down with a lovely vegan Thali that is crafted with ingredients coming straight from the farm.

Solitude Farm Auroville

Of course the perfect escape for hot summer days is the pool. The Far Tanto Beach Resort Pool is right next to the ocean and a real treat if you simply want to relax with your book and dip into some freshness from time to time. Have a pizza afterwards and the day is perfect.