Eco - Femme. A cloth pad revolution

Let us start with some simple facts: a women in her menstruation lifetime will generate around 150kg of disposable sanitary waste. Just one disposable pad has the equal amount of 4 plastic bags and takes around 800 years to decompose in landfill. If they are burned on the other hand harmful toxins are released into the atmosphere. These plastic bleached products can be the cause for allergic reactions and even affect the reproductive, glandular and developmental health of women.

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The two founders of eco-femme started to make their own cloth pads before the founding of their start up in 2010. They both realized how big the environmental and health impact of common tampons and plastic pads was, so they started their venture for an alternative. After some research they found out that it was actually very common in the olden days to use fabrics, before disposable sanitary products swamped the market. They decided to make it their mission to spread the change from disposable sanitary products to reusable cloth pads, therefore they build up Eco Femme.

The Unit is very well-known in Auroville due to their great communication and educational awareness program for girls in the surrounding villages. The Pad for Pad sessions were started in 2013 after the team of Eco Femme observed that there was a need for open talk about the menstrual cycle by young girls.


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After reaching 6900 girls and distributing 26156 pads in over 200 educational sessions in the period of April 2016 to March 2017, Eco Femme has become an internationally known brand for reusable pads with an amazing non-profit wing that calls out: Join the Cloth pad Revolution!

Are you ready to make a change, ladies? Do you have any experience in using reusable sanitary products? 

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