How to beat dull winter skin?

When the cooler and humid season arrives my dry skin is at its best. My face blooms, my pores becomes dry and infected within the blink of an eye, my legs feel like sandpaper and my hands have a flakiness that is not exactly comfortable. 
Of course the monsoon season is not comparable to the winters I have lived through in Germany (Anastasia, my colleague, comes from Moscow in Russia; imagine the temperatures she has experienced). However with my body now used to blue skies and warm temperatures every day it actually feels cold in this season. So how do you beat the cooler months, wherever you might be?

Layer it up. This might sound silly but yes I am wearing skiing socks in the office because staying warm is essential. Personally I love layers that can be removed during the day in case the sun shows up.

vegetarian alternative to vaseline  Natural lip balm with beewax

Stay sealed. So this is an obvious one; in my bag and on my office desk one finds an assortment of cleaners and moisturizers, for hands, face and lips. If things get though or better rough, I use something strong like Vaseline. For my lips I prefer natural products like a lip balm made with bee wax.


Hydrate. Don’t forget to drink even though it’s cold. I start my day with a big cup of lemon with honey. Throughout the day my water bottle is always close. Remember that moisture and hydration begin with a glass of water.

Seek Light.

Seek light. Whenever the sun comes out take a few minutes to absorb the light. Get a touch of color, soak up that Vitamin D but don’t forget your SPF moisturizer.

What are your dry skin tips? Have you been fighting off the winter air? Let me know in the comments!