Handmade Holiday Cards!

Luise and Ágúst teamed up to make some very charming Christmas cards for their relatives! Ágúst talks us through this simple DIY, and included some pictures of each individual step.

It's time to start sending cards to relatives and Luise suggested we make them ourselves. To my surprise, they turned out really cute!

We made three different adorable types of cards; the cartoon Christmas ornaments cards, the cloud cards and the polar bear ones. We recommend making them all because it's very relaxing.

The things we used were:
 • Glue
 • Scissors
 • Cards with no text on them
 • A ruler (helpful)
 • Colorful pens and a pencil
 • Plain paper
 • Newspaper (the cartoon section)
 • Beautiful magazine cutouts or artistic posters

Cartoon Christmas cards
We outlined some circles onto the cartoons with a pencil and cut them out.


Then we glued the circles onto the cards and turned them into Christmas baubles with a pen and a ruler!


I felt like adding a phrase onto the front of my card, so I wrote 'Love from India'. Luise didn't and hers still looked amazing, but that's because she has a talent for these things.

The cloud cards
This is where the magazine cutouts came in. We traced clouds onto the colorful paper and stuck the clouds onto the cards with some glue.


Then we stuck some buttons onto the cards and drew some lines to make it look like the buttons were dangling under the clouds!


Adding phrases is of course completely optional.

The polar bear cards
I've never seen a polar bear in real life, but I'm pretty sure their resemblance to the precious things Luise drew ends at them both being white.

For making these we needed the plain white paper because polar bears have white fur. Oh, and we also needed Luise. My clumsy fingers would have made some very funny looking creatures.


So after Luise drew these super cute creations (Just look at them! I cannot be the only one obsessing over how endearing they are!), we glued them onto some cards.


And presto! We now have astoundingly charming Christmas cards. Yay!


... Now we just have to write into them.

Special thanks to Stephan and Vandana, without whom the pictures would be fewer in number and lower in quality, and to you, the reader! I would love to hear from you. Also, can you guess which cards I made and which ones Luise made? Let me know below with a comment!