The basic skin care

A morning and evening routine for clean skin

One can quickly get overwhelmed with a bathroom cupboard filled with creams, oils and cleansers for every single occasion. But what is actually and absolute must when it comes to clean skin? We put together a small guide for a quick everyday routine which your skin will be thank you for.

First of all the golden rule: do not go to sleep with your make up on, ever. This might work in your 20ies but once you get older you will realize the error.

Morning – keep it simple

1. Use a lightweight cream or foam cleanser on dry skin and massage it in for a minute or two. Remove with warm water.
2. Refresh your face with a toner – like natural rosewater to close up the pores. Remove the excess moisture with a tissue.
3. Apply a moisturizer. Use something light, in winter reach for something more rich and nourishing.
4. Apply an eye cream under the eye, gently tap it in.
5. Finally apply lip balm.

Evening – deep care

In the night the skin repairs itself while you sleep so reach for something richer.

1. Remove your make-up with a gentle make up remover. Reach for something without artificial fragrance or ingredients, the more natural the better.
2. Next, apply a cream, oil or foam cleanser – whatever you prefer – and spend a bit of time massaging it in. Remove with warm water.
3. Use a toner like in the morning.
4. Moisturize. Go for a richer formula at night to help the skin repair.
5. If you have any skin issues apply your treatment over night.

Once a week in the evening make sure to exfoliate to prevent the buildup of dead skin cells. Look for a gentle scrub that is kind to your skin not damaging it. Make sure to follow up with a deep moisturizer like an oil.