Ayurvedic Brain Tonic: Brahmi

Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient Indian system of medicine that uses the essential power of herbs to help cure diseases in a natural and healthy way. Ayurveda believes in balancing the body doshas, namely: Vada, Pitta, Kapha for a healthy and immune body system.

Brahmi ( Bacopa Monnieri) means "that which gives supreme knowledge" and is the main ayurvedic herb that promotes a healthy brain.

Memory is as precious as Gold!! The better the mental clarity and concentration, the better is our productivity. Hence, Brahmi comes in the picture, used since centuries for its cognitive and health benefits.

Benefits of Brahmi:
Here is a list of few words describing benefits of Brahmi, as in Ayurveda:


Shophahara – good anti inflammatory herb.
Panduhara – useful in anemia.
Jvarahara – useful in fever.
Deepani – improves digestion power.
Kushtahara – useful in skin diseases.
Kandughna – relieves itching, useful in purities.
Pleeha – useful in spleen disorders.
Vayasa sthapani, Ayushya – improves life quality, anti aging.
Unmada vinashini – useful in psychiatric disorders.
Medha – improves intelligence.
Vak – improves speech, helps in speech related development problems in children.
Svarya, Svarada – improves quality of voice.
Hrudya – good for heart, acts as cardiac tonic.
Shvasahara – useful in asthma, chronic bronchial disorders.
Meha – useful in urinary tract disorders and diabetes.
(Diabetes – Brahmi is very useful in reducing blood sugar levels. Due to its anti oxidant property, it is also useful in improving the cell and tissue health in diabetic patients.)
Kasajit – useful in cough, cold.
Visha hara – natural detoxification herb, useful in poisoning.

Traditional Home remedy recipes using Brahmi:

Here are some home remedies recipes with Brahmi that I found. Feel free to post in the comments below some of your recipes too (and yes along with it, its health benefit)…

1) Soak a small quantity of Brahmi leaves overnight; grind it into a paste with a few ground almonds, sugar candy and milk. Drink this health drink to tone the liver and to eliminate all kinds of worms in the bowels. It is also useful for nervous debility and brain improvement.
2) Brahmi paste, when applied to a child’s navel, cures dysentery. Brahmi paste or juice of the leaves is also useful in elephantiasis, rheumatic swelling, boils and contusion.
3) Mix a few teaspoons of the brahmi leaves juice with cow’s milk and use it to cure skin diseases and impure blood in children; fever and stomach problems in adults.
4) Brahmi combined with turmeric in equal amounts, plus 1 tsp (4oz) of warm cow milk and ½ tsp (oz) of ghee; this mix taken twice a day for several months is known to be an effective remedy for acne.
5) Brahmi paste heated on a pan, heated to a little higher temperature and applied over children's chests can relieve chronic cough and asthma.
6) In case of fever due to Vata and Kapha imbalance, Brahmi is heated along with onion, tied in a pocket and is applied hot over the chest.

Brahmi powder and capsules from Aurospirul are made with organic Brahmi leaves. Brahmi has higher health benefits if used in organic form. We can also use Brahmi powder to make a paste for the above remedies' recipes.

Please do comment with your reviews if you are already using Aurospirul Brahmi Powder or Capsules, and let us know how it works for you...