The three doshas

Ayurveda, which translates into “knowledge of life” dates back around 5000 years to the ancient Sanskrit text, the Vedas. The system of healing takes into account your physical constitution, emotional nature and spiritual outlook in context of the universe. In Ayurveda philosophy it says that the universal life force manifests as three different energies, the doshas, known as vata, pitta and kapha. We are all made up of various combinations of these three forces. Everyone has at least a little of each, although most of the time one or two are dominant. Your doshas change during your life in relation to age, climate, season, diet, environment and so on. As the doshas move in and out of balance they can affect your health, energy and mood.

Vata (space and air)

The vata type tends to be slim and lanky. They are mentally and physically very active and enjoy exploring new things. When balanced, Vata people are flexible, have a lively imagination and are great thinkers. When imbalanced they can get anxious easily, ungrounded and it can become difficult to stick to routines and commitments. They tend to be cold and dry and therefore enjoy warm and humid weather. The influence of the air element in their character causes their mood, energy and appetite to fluctuate dramatically. This leads to irregular sleep and eating. Low immunity is a common problem for sensitive Vata people.

Pitta (fire and water)


The pitta type is strong, intense and irritable due to the fire element. Their body shape tends to be medium build with a powerful musculature. They tend to blush fast, redden in the sun, during exercise and massage. Pitta types have a strong will and are good with what they feel is right. They approach work with intensity and competitiveness. People with Pitta as their main dosha are natural leaders who learn quickly, often making them judgmental and impatient towards people who are slower and less focused then them. Their digestion is strong with an immense appetite. It is common for them to suffer from inflammation, acne, rashes and loose stool when imbalanced.

Kapha (water and earth)

Kapha types have a strong build body that needs regular exercise to manage their tendency to gain weight. Their water and earth elements give them a stable, compassionate and loyal character. They prefer regular routines and step-by-step work. Once imbalanced they can become unmotivated and stubborn even when change is appropriate. Their digestion tends to be slow and their appetite is less then Pitta or Vata. Kapha types benefit from new environment and occasional fasting. 

Which type are you? I am curious to hear your tips and tricks on how to stay balanced.