Ayurveda in winter

A balanced lifestyle in extreme temperatures is more difficult to sustain. Ayurveda helped me a lot in summer (our famous Ayurveda doc, Bee, gave some tips a while ago), so I am trying it out in winter as well. Winter is Kapha season, this dosha encourages you to live in tune with nature while strengthening your digestive power.

Wake up a little later than usual (around 7 am) than you would in other seasons. The sun isn’t up very early so why rush it? 

Drink warm water (if you feel like it add some lemon and honey). This drink will gently stimulate, heat and wake up your digestive system. It is delicious and cozy an soon you will ditch your morning coffee.

Exercise on an empty stomach. It is cool outside or raining, chances are low that you want to go outside and exercise. Luckily there is Yoga. Do some sun salutations (have a look here) and postures that open the chest (like these ones).

It is important to eat a nutritious breakfast. If you don’t feed your digestive fire in the morning it will dry up your body tissues. Enjoy a bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon and add some apples or other winter fruits.

Sip on warm water. Throughout the day sip on warm water, if you want add a dash of ginger, cinnamon and clove. This will support your digestive fire – in case you have any inflammatory problems skip the added ingredients.

What else?

Take Vitamin C. Try 500mg daily up to three months. 
Avoid dairy products including curd, cheese, milk and ice cream.
Avoid cold drinks, fasting, late nights, napping.