Artists of Auroville: Saraswati

Renata Sereda was born in Russia into a family where ceramics was the main profession. Her mother taught her the play with clay by the age of 12 after which Renata quickly developed her own style of decorative ceramic miniature. After am 8 year career as a TV journalist she left Russia and moved to India in 2004 to join the International Township of Auroville. After she settled she fully dedicated her full time to ceramics. In 2008 Renata founded the “White Peacock” clay club teaching students aged 7 to 17 the art of pottery. Somewhere along the line she took the name Saraswati, named after the Indian goddess for creativity, perfection and knowledge in charge of the art of science. 

Saraswatis unique and non-functional pottery pieces remind one of the playful creativity of Paul Klee, Miro and Kandinsky. She states that she gets inspired by everyday objects, glimpses of her childhood as well as the beauty of the rough stoneware and lightweight porcelain she works with.
This inspiration one can observe in the detailed texture and various nuances of colors that are present in every piece. Saraswati says that her aim is to keep the joy of crafting in every single piece and to make this joy visible in her objects of art. 

vase    Fish Bowl

Steampunk Bottle 960 Rupees                           Fish Dish 4005 Rupees

Prehistoric pumkin   tile selection

Prehistoric Pumpkin 2400 Rupees                     All-In-One-Mural 6405 Rupees