Artists of Auroville: Adil Writer

Adil Writer says that he is very fortunate to be at the point of his career where he can do what he loves. Hailing from the north of India Adil is an architect with a masters degree from the University of Houston, Texas. Before reaching Pondicherry he worked  in his profession in a large studio in Mumbai. In 2000 Adil joined Auroville to live and work in the universal township. Deborah Smith and Ray Meeher of the golden bridge pottery taught him the craft of working with clay and ceramics. Today he runs the pottery Unit.

He feels blessed to be able to work in his craft full time inbetween the functional ware Mandala produces and his won one-of-a-kind art work in his studio. Writer’s ceramics and large scale paintings have been showcased in several solo and group exhibitions in Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Australia, Estonia, France and the US. After taking part in an art exhibition in the Indian Heritage Center Museum Singapore in April 2018 he will showcase his “Barcode” installation made of canvas painted with raw, unrefined clay and acrylic in Jaipore. It is his crusade he states to bridge the art and craft divide.

Butterfly platter    Treasure boxes

Butterfly Platter 4145 Rupees                              Treasure Box of 4 Clays 6615 Rupees

Crackle vase sodafired 2    Bucket

Cracked Vase Sodafired 1415 Rupees                  Bucket 5000 Rupees