Aloe Vera Goodness

The word “refresh” has such a great sound to it, especially in the Indian summer heat. It makes me think of jumping into a clear blue pool. During the hot season the body and especially the skin, which protects us against the heat, the effects of the sun and pollution, urges for this refreshing feeling. The face skin is sensitive to stronger climate, always being exposed to the sun light. The skin gets dry, dirty and affected quite easily.


Essentials on my desk that I can't miss: Notebook, old style pen and my face cleaning goodies <3

My latest facial pampering routine includes face tonic and Maroma Face Gel. I simply clean my face with the tonic, wipe it with a piece of cloth, and apply a thin layer of the Aloe Vera, cucumber and Ylang Ylang gel afterwards. This jelly-like greenish cream is truly amazing, it is my new favorite during the dry season. The aloe is cooling and helps nourish the skin and heal acne. The cucumber smoothens redness and the ylang ylang oil helps to remove the excess skin oil. After this I really am pampered and my skin gives me a lovely, self-caring feeling.


In case you do not have face tonic you can simply use pure rose water, it will clean and calm you skin, reducing redness.