3 ways to stay healthy and sane during this holiday season

Despite all the excitement and cheer that comes with the holiday season it is easy to get a little too caught up in the festivities. Celebrating to your hearts content is important, it is the season for that. Just make sure that between all the gift buying, wrapping and sending, party hopping, cooking, the dressing up and seasonal sweets-without-end-eating you take the time to treat yourself right.

The holidays can bring happy times with friends and family, joy and wonder but if you are not careful you might find yourself having mental breakdowns in the middle of the night while gift wrapping, stuffing your face with ghee sweets as you blow your nose through an entire box of tissues.
So take care of yourself to be able to enjoy the festive season in its full beauty.

Those ghee sugar sweets and punch from the last family meeting, have them all and drink up. Laddus and heavy dhal are delicious but heavy sugary foods can seriously mess with your bodies balance throwing off your digestion if you go into overload.
An easy way to keep things at bay? Remember to balance out your long food filled nights and days with  something green. Veggies, salads and fresh juices are the way to go if you want to make it really easy on yourself as you run around opt for a multigreen booster like Auroville Supergreens.
Formulated in a way so that your body absorbs all its goodness the Auroville Supergreen powder or capsules are made from ingredients that your body craves.
It is composed of spirulina, wheatgrass and alfalfa. The highly concentrated bio-available chlorophyll, the high quality protein, vitamins and minerals balanced by nature will be the right support to jumpstart the holidays.
Add a scoop to your morning smoothie, blend it up with some water or take a few capsules in the morning. This supergreen blend is easy to integrate into a busy day. Of course the supplement is no replacement for a balanced diet full of greens and veggies, but when things are crazy this is an excellent way to make sure you’re getting what your body needs every single day.

AV Supergreen capsules   AV Supergreens powder

Get your rest.
Ample sleep offers us a ton of benefits – lots of energy, optimal immune function, uplifted mood to just name a few. All those benefits will keep you going, so make sure you get lots of rest. If that means leaving a party a little early – simply go for it.

Enjoy yourself.
The holidays are really about spending precious time with the ones we love. Even if you forgot your gift at home, you spill red wine on your new outfit no one will care. The love will be there. When things get crazy and you feel like you might drop out of exhaustion remember to be grateful because you are loved.

What is your secret to stay happy and balanced during the holiday season? We are curious to hear about your tips.