When I volunteered in one of the schools of Auroville I ended up often in a group of kids playing a card game with them connected to waste. The game was about the collection and segregation of waste groups that then can be recycled.

It was always great fun to trade and steal cards with the goal to recycle and in that way win the game. This game taught the kids about waste, what belongs together in one bin and what actually might have value.

The name of the game is ‘Pick It Up’, it was developed by the Auroville Organization Wasteless.  The aim of the game is to spread awareness on waste separation in a fun and interactive way. Pick it Up teaches you how to separate and recycle your waste through the informal sector, while highlighting common waste items which have high monetary value. These lessons are a win-win situation for people and the planet. 

The vision of wasteless is to educate the young generation about the impact of waste on our planet to make reduce, reuse, recycle not only a slogan but a way of life. I personally enjoyed playing the game very much especially with the kids because you know that they are not only having fun but they learn about a very important topic.

Pick it up because less pollution is the best solution!