Auroville is full of people from all over the world with wildly different backgrounds. Even though they are all gathered here, it has less to do with the people surrounding them and more to do with what they aspire towards; an ideal Auroville.

Today we have our blogger, Ágúst, answering some questions so that you can see more of Auroville through its people. The brilliant photographs are courtesy of Stephan and Vandana.

Why are you here?

Because I love the intention with which so many Aurovillians live. There’s also the obvious, being closer to the Mother and being surrounded by people who understand that, but whether someone is a teacher, an accountant or a gardener, they will very often do what they do with a great sense of purpose and keep moving towards a very particular aspiration without many distractions to such an extent it becomes admirable. I personally like to believe that this collective/individual dedication is what will help achieve Auroville’s true purpose.

I really enjoy reading. My book choice would usually be a fantasy novel but recently I started looking at picture books. There’s not a whole lot of reading involved, yet there can be a lot of meaning behind every picture.


How does Auroville influence your work?
As a blogger, it means I write a lot about Auroville. As a high school teacher, it can make my life more challenging as I feel more responsible for giving these kids something worth remembering rather than just telling them what to memorize, but I love a challenge!

How often do you visit the Matrimandir (sometimes referred to as ‘The Golden Golf-ball’ by tourists)?
I visit it during times of great change, which is only about once a year.

Where would you be right now if Auroville had never been founded?
In some boring Icelandic university, trying to get a tedious job I would march through for the rest of my life. Bleak, but probably true.

What’s your week like?

Hectic. If it were not for tea, I would be lost. If anyone is looking for an interesting tea experience, they should try this.

Favourite Auroville product?
I enjoy most Aurovilian products. So much inspiration and dedication is poured into them. If I had to pick, my chocoholic side would have would have to pick one of these chocolates. I love the peppermint one and I am yet to try the peanut butter one.


(Edit: So I tried the peanutbutter one. It was great.)

Would you say Auroville has changed you?
Beyond words.

In three words, describe what Auroville means to you.

Beautiful. Home. Serenity.

If you would like to take a closer look at some of the goodies and things Ágúst's using, just click on the following images!

Peanutbutter chocolate  Matrimandir picture book   Peppermint chocolate

 Batam shirt  Chocolate tea  Cup