I discovered hiking for me just a while ago and I discovered that one needs some essentials in their bag for staying happy and relaxed. These five essentials from Maroma became my companions on the trail and I have to say they make it much easier to keep on going. 


Colibri Body Lotion

This non-toxic and 100% natural body lotion has a light texture and a fresh lemongrass scent. It hydrated your skin and protects you from the sun and mosquitoes. We love it because it does all of these in one which means you can leave your sunscreen and insect repellant at home. Of course it is certified fairtrade.


Colibri After Bite

This small roll on fits perfectly into our pockets during climbing the highest peaks. The light non-toxic after bite gives you relieve from itchy mosquito bites without burning but a nice fresh fragrance. The product is all natural and of course certified fairtrade.

Hand sanitizer

This alcohol based hand sanitizer is made with natural anti-bacterial ingredients only. The small compact bottles fit perfectly in your hiking kit. We personally love the lavender scent, because it leaves our hands fresh, soft and nice smelling.

Sun screen Face

This silky smooth sun screen gives you the perfect protection (SPF 30) during your hike through the forest and hills. It not only protects but also helps to rejuvenate your skin keeping it moisturized and perfectly hydrated.

Lip balm

We are in love with these lip balms, we don’t even know which scnt we recommend because we have them all in our handbag. They hydrate , freshen and soften the lips with an ultra rich and creamy treatment. Crafted with natural ingredients, this formula hydrates and protects to perfection.