1. Regular events in Auroville that you can join.

    Regular events in Auroville that you can join.

    Are you new to Auroville? Have you been in Auroville for a while, and are looking for things to do? We have compiled a list of regular activities which take place in Auroville ; something to try in the new year

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  2. Meet Auroville: Divya

    Meet Auroville: Divya

    Have you ever wondered how people end up in Auroville and how it changes their life? We are introducing to you people of Auroville. Today - Divya who arrived in Auroville in 1996 from Uttar Pradesh. 

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  3. Rewind between the years

    How about some free self-cae at the end of the year? 

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  4. Visiting Auroville - Ideas for more than a day trip

    Auroville has many small-town charms, ones that can’t be enjoyed in just a short day. Tourists often breeze through the city, only getting a fast look at the sites. However, with many things to do and see, it deserves more than just a passing glance. We collected a list of places to see when visiting Auroville. 

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  5. A World Full Of Plastic

    A World Full Of Plastic

    Our every day life is filled with plastic. Making a step towards change is difficult and almost seems like it will not make a difference. If we however all make a change together the impact will be huge. We collected some suggestions of changes that each us can do, because there is no planet b. 

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  6. Neem


    We had a close look at Neem - the magic bullet for health and beauty in India. 

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  7. Moringa - Wheatgrass Drink

    Moringa - Wheatgrass Drink

    Getting your daily dosage of nutrition has never been easier. Morninga and Wheatgrass will be your new morning booster. 

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  8. Keeping Acne At Bay Naturally

    Keeping Acne At Bay Naturally

    Acne is something that nearly each of us has experienced at least once in their lives. To have a clean skin routine that is simple and natural yet efficient is the key...

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  9. Art in Auroville

    Art in Auroville

    Art in Auroville is a "culture still to be invented". We had a glance at the art scene of Auroville, its vision and reality. 

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  10. Artists of Auroville: Priya Sundaravalli

    Artists of Auroville: Priya Sundaravalli

    Priya Sundaravalli is one of Auroville's contemporary ceramic artists that takes a modern look at the age-old craft. We had a closer look at her life and inspiration. 

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